Sikkim Traditional Millet Beer “Chang”

Sikkim is breathtaking and so is “Chang” – Bhutia or Lepcha term for fermented alcoholic beverages. It’s always the local food and beverage which bring people closer to the place and its culture. I still remember those amusing nights and the enlightening, funny and surreal conversation I had with the wonderful people over the “Chang”. … Mehr Sikkim Traditional Millet Beer “Chang”

“Gundruk” & “Sinki” – Fermented Food and Appetiser

Whether its soup or pickle, Gundruk is always inviting and pleasant in taste. One can sense the hard work, endurance and efforts put by Himalayan people especially women to prepare Gundruk; an accommodating mineral source during the off-season when diet is mostly starch with infinitesimal quantity of minerals. Gundruk can’t be cooked and usually served … Mehr “Gundruk” & “Sinki” – Fermented Food and Appetiser